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There is no such thing as being overly cautious, especially when it comes to driving.  Regardless of driving experience, every driver confronts dangerous situations.  The following article, distributed by Amica Insurance Company, explains the benefits of reducing speed. 

April 2006 - 2006 Class of Fellows
by Peter Burnett

There is no shortage of bad press when it comes to lawyers. Unfortunately a few bad apples do a pretty good job rotting the entire barrel. It is even more unfortunate that the public is usually unaware of the good deeds undertaken by many fine lawyers, many of whom are friends or neighbors. Such is the case with two outstanding attorneys here in Loudoun County: Elizabeth Whiting and Alex Levay.

The Virginia Law Foundation recently announced the induction of Alex and Liz in their 2006 Class of Fellows at a ceremony on January 19, 2006, in Williamsburg. This honor is bestowed upon less than one percent of the attorneys in Virginia in recognition of commitment to the highest standards of law practice and outstanding contributions to their communities. There were only 18 inductees this year and it is a wonderful credit to the Loudoun County Bar Association that two of its members were chosen. Both Alex and Liz have practiced in Loudoun County for many years and are well recognized within legal circles for their talent as lawyers and their commitment to our community. They are deserving of recognition from the general public they steadfastly have served with great distinction.


February 2006 - Medical Malpractice in Virginia
by Peter Burnett

In July 2005, a new section of law was added to the Virginia Code that changes the environment for medical malpractice legislation. One of the major changes is the new requirement of a “Certification of Expert Witness Opinion” at the time of service of process of any new lawsuit.

This Certification is “a written opinion signed by the expert witness that, based upon a reasonable understanding of the facts, the defendant for whom service of process has been requested deviated from the applicable standard of care and the deviation was a proximate cause of the injuries claimed.” In plain English, this means that when a plaintiff serves a medical malpractice lawsuit on a defendant doctor, the plaintiff needs to have obtained a written opinion from another doctor stating that the defendant deviated from the standard of care and that doing so caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

Although the requirement for a Certification is a significant change in Virginia law, it is not a significant change at Burnett & Williams. It is our practice to always consult with a qualified physician when reviewing medical malpractice cases. After all, we are lawyers, not doctors! Only another physician can give an opinion as to whether a case has merit. We believe that having a doctor review a potential medical malpractice case at the very beginning makes good sense- it is important for you, as well as our firm, to know up front whether your malpractice case is likely to succeed. The July 2005 change to the Virginia Code simply put into law a requirement
that was already our practice.


January 2006 - Insurance Letter
by Peter Burnett

Car insurance is something that we all have but we seldom think about.  To know if your insurance is right for you and your family, please read Burnett & Williams insurance letter.  We make sure all of our clients receive this important information.  It is helpful to know exactly what insurance is and the diferent types and limits that you should carry. 


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